Metal in Form. For Progress and Safety.

Lüdi Swiss is a leading worldwide manufacturer of various assortments of capsules, boats, foil cups and weighing pans for organic and inorganic elements and thermo as well as microbalance analysis.

Lüdi Swiss is a traditional family run business that has developed and refined its professional competence over the decades. With a team of specialized personnel, we develop innovative solutions in the field of metal deformation. Above all, our know-how in cold extrusion has brought us world wide recognition.

Our location in Flawil, found in eastern Switzerland, is site to both the design and manufacturing facilities. The direct connection to manufacturing guarantees immediate communication and control. We personally assure the highest quality and individual service that always meets the specific demands of our customers. Being in close contact with them, we can develop new products and experience innovation on a daily basis.

Visions require courage, trust, strategic planning and above all, specialized competence and profound knowledge of industries. Thanks to our extensive network and our competence in different technologies, we are always one step ahead of ever-changing demands. Our ability to make quick decisions, our flexibility and close contact with our customers all help us to continue to stay ahead.

We’d like to warmly welcome you to the world of Lüdi Swiss.