Pioneering Spirit

Friedrich Lüdi, the grandfather of today’s owner, founded the company in Solothurn in 1916 and began producing metal buttons and thumbtacks. Being a subcontractor to the textile industry for various metal parts in lingerie and Prêt-à-Porter fashion, Friedrich Lüdi soon moved closer to eastern Switzerland’s embroidery and textile metropolis. In 1919, the company moved to Mogelsberg, and in 1937 to Flawil where its location still is today. That same year, Friedrich Lüdi died of an accident. His wife Marie continued to run the business with her dynamic and only just recently turned 19 year old son, Hermann Lüdi.

The company became a corporation in 1959 and the siblings of Hermann Lüdi, Friedrich Lüdi jr. and Trudi Lüdi, looked after managing the business together. With their continuous striving towards future-oriented solutions, Lüdi AG established a pioneer-ing cold extrusion technology in 1963 that enabled the manufacturing of new products. These parts achieved a significantly greater strength. This technique led to a savings of materials and produced less waste. With Lüdi AG’s much-loved sense of responsibility for mankind and for the environment, they commissioned their own sewage detoxification and neutralization plant.

In 1982 the company management was handed down to the third generation of Lüdi’s: Dietrich and Fritz. Under their supervision, innovative steps were again achieved in the company’s development. New organizational structures increased efficiency, broadened flexibility and consolidated the company’s future. A new building addition also created further space for Lüdi AG.

The certification of the quality system ISO 9001/EN 29001 was approved in 1992 and since then has been routinely and successfully repeated.

2002 the owners built a new production hall and organized the business into two areas: supplier products and in-house products.

Dietrich Lüdi took over the in-house products area and in 2004, founded together with his wife Adele today’s Lüdi Swiss AG. There followed reinvestments in the year 2007 and 2008 after the additional purchase of a new press. Fully automated, high volume product facilities renewed Lüdi Swiss’ efficiency and they achieved even greater diversity.

In 2015 Adele Lüdi becomes sole Managing Director. She is also appointed President, CEO of the Lüdi Swiss company.